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if i want to help... sometimes i help better by not helping at all. [Nov. 26th, 2007|01:36 pm]
[music |rufus wainwright.]

/BBBS. wah? big brother big sister program. BBBS. big bunch of bull shit. wah? no not at all. but it fit soo well that i had to type it.

/no i am currently pondering if i should become brian "big bro" miller. get myself a mini-brian except without the gray styled pseudo suit mini-me donned. i am a big kid in myself, i feel i am told i am superiourly further behind in life due to this reason then some of most of my peers.

/but will my current adult vices be subjected onto my wii playing cosmonaut lil bro?

/i mean don't get me wrong here. i can't think of a better way to spend my morning but then by cherry bombing some pre-schoolers back to the prehistoric age in some four square but, will present day me be to much of a bad influence.

/i don't plan to sell the wee one drugs but i know my cherry bombs won't be as powerful as should be, due to "overdoing it" the night before. kids know when your hungover right?

/& when our time together diverts from me destroying all his self confidence while i pummel him in super mario brothers 1,2, & 3 even though 3 completely sucks. to a night of Monday Night Football, me & him chillen in our lazy boys playing edward 40 hands. I would brandish the colt 45, while he have those sweet 40 oz A&W root beers taped to his wee little hands. "i gotta pee brian!" "you hold it like a man! until you finished ever drop of that A&W!", i would yell.

/you could see how things could go slightly askew.

/the point is. i will be the best big bro ever. & with that comes my lil bro wanting to be just like me, just like me..... I will say, "Spartacus, you should want to be your own person, with your own views & flaws" (Spartacus, because this is my playback & i have a fetish for naming my first son after a great roman gladiator, achilles, Cesar they will all do) he will meerly respond with "No! i want to be just like you!!"

/now follow me later that year he'll be the kid no one ever taps on the head & yells "goose!" to anymore because they know his hungover ass can't make it around the circle. & we all know its the thrill of the chase, the kid we all know as "the safe play" just isn't fun, & you know who you are. when they do he doesn't make it running past the next three kids in the circle, he trips falls(cause he doesn't bother tying his shoes anymore). the other kids yell Spartacus lay off the juice!! then hear comes first sign of a problem denial. "I haven't had a sip in days!!" Whatever you reek of Granny Smith all over your clothes. Also this morning the lid was off of the apple-juice, & little suzy is knocked up. there you have it a abuser.

sigh.... he never had a chance.

/sooo would i be the best big brother ever? or.... just a bad example? my guess is a mix of the two. but i know he'll think.. "the best big brother ever!!"

/::double click:: &.... were in.

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sex in the queen city. [Nov. 2nd, 2007|10:05 am]
/i have lived uptown charlotte for a week. i have not moved my car in four days. i walk to & from work. i had a sketchy black gentlemen with a wave cap knock on my door last night at 10:00pm. you can't win them all.

/love it.

/this weekend will be my first weekend i got out uptown while able to stumble home which is exciting.

/also my company won 7th best place to work in Charlotte yesterday. I attended the lunch in where the awards were presented. We are also number 1 in our industry.

/i did a good deed. it was my first time, being approached by a homeless guy since living uptown. he asked me for a favor. i told him i didn't have any cash, which was the truth. but he said he just wanted a blanket or coat. about 3 years ago someone left a nice winter coat at our house i threw it in the car and always had the intention of giving it to a homeless person. i told him he was in luck as i remembered the coat in the back of my car. it was a cold night and he was extremely happy. made me feel good.

/i like a girl, but we still haven't hung out since i met her. we talk like every night & it's almost strange how much we have in common. but we'll see what happens. there is also an old flame who just broke up with her bf & seems might try to swing back into my life as well. but i am not in any rush for either. Just happy being happy.

/Dane Cook next week. Checkers Game. Panthers Game that weekend. Then Gatlinberg trip the following weekend. Then Thanksgiving. Then the next weekend back to Charleston with all my friends for another weekend getaway. man! Life is good. haha

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Monday.... [Oct. 22nd, 2007|04:31 pm]
/i move into my new place, Saturday. I am getting way to excited. I am already planning on going to checkers games, bobcats games, I just found out too that the new NC music factory village which holds 6 open air venues, lofts for artists, rests, & stores is two blocks from my place. score.

/i have a soccer game tonight for LandDesign & I am kinda killing some time now before I have to go to it. I just want to run, I need to. I getting really weirded out if after a peroid of time I don't get to do something physical.

/i need to order liquid latex tonight cause me and the roomates are going to be the blue man group for halloween this year. watch some monday night football. then start packing up the room some. damn this is going to be odd. i been in this house for almost four years. odd.

/yesterday was fun woke up not hung over cause I stayed in sat night. good call. went to lee & laurie's for football. kell bell came over & we went to Fox in the hound for some food & beers. stayed at l&l's till after the steelers game haha. oh well good time me and lee made a new ping pong/beer drinking game.... NOT BEER PONG!! with using the paddles and shit. it was fun.

/nothing new with girls yet. haven't done anything with any of them since last time. Maybe weds-thurs I will hang out with one. who knows. i am too content with life right now to want to mess it up hanging out with girls. haha

/well off to play soccer.

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(no subject) [Aug. 14th, 2007|09:53 am]
[Current Location |work. fuck.]

i don't know if anyone reads these, but the chance someone does would you please tell me this:

is it appropriate for an ex g/f or b/f that is now in a committed relationship to text you and ask you if you ever miss them? granted at 12:30 at night??

cause that what happens to me. and i am the bad guy for responding negatively. way to fuck with my head i been extremely happy being single, but this is one way to ruin a good few weeks for me in a few seconds of texting.

shit.... if there was only a button that allowed me to turn off my brain and just plain put it on cruise control for the next few weeks until i knew this subject would be out of my head.

i could go on nodding & smiling at people never knowing i lost three weeks of my life if I could just not remember this for awhile. fuck.

more later but i am busy at work being extremely hungover, tired, pre-occupied, & 100% unmotivated.
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(no subject) [Aug. 9th, 2007|08:55 am]
[Current Location |work.]

- nothing new this week the roomates are out of town at the beach so I have had the place to myself which is wonderful. i work out more, it stays clean, i have privacy, i can walk around nude. i been getting tons of shit done. but yesterday after work i did get lonely though had to go out for a few beers at bwalks. but other then that thats been my week.

- last weekend was great. beach with friends. something is def wrong with lee he just seems like he hates life. never a smile on his face i dont know what is wrong. but like i said had fun, prolly would have been better if luke & sara could have come they would have brought a much needed new energy to the group. i have come to the conculsion i can do without marisa, shes not intelligent, and her dumb act just wears on you after awhile. but we had much needed sun & fun, sean was a good time, i love that kid. he is so good natured you can't not have fun with him. we had the most intense/long paddle ball game ever. i squeaked it out 21-19. taco boy was a blast great food! best nachos i have ever had anywhere!!

- things i have been enjoying lately: the new 3oh!3 cd. infectous. only those guys can come up with lyrics like:

"shake it shake it like ya bout to get paid
boom swagger boom like ya gots a peg leg
im game your game you da main attraction
& the way you fit those jeans makes me ready for action"

makes ya wanna dance.
i just wanna dance. ha
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(no subject) [Aug. 6th, 2007|09:45 am]
[Current Location |@ the office]
[mood |okayokay]

Great weekend. beach was fun, not to mention the extremely intense paddle ball match with sean, in which i came out victorious. feeding the gulls, body surfing the waves, burning my forehead, drinking some cold beers, feeling fat haha, feeling content these days.....

i had my first full week of work at my new job last week. i love it. it was slow cause it was my first week but i can tell its what i have been searching for since graduation. i am excited about its potential and learning possibilities, & where it could lead me down the line...

i have been working out and running more regularly then ever. since i have some sort of routine finally in place. it feels good. now that i have a steady income too i will start phase two: grocery store & eating right. then next step is getting my own place & moving out of the house & closer to work. i think i am going uptown charlotte. huntersville was an option but, thats where all my best friends live. best friends and their long term soon to be wifes. they go to bed early & don stay out late, not that that's bad. just not for me when i am trying to meet people & i don't have anyone to go home early with to curl up on the couch with. i still hang out with them alot it does get old being the 5th wheel though, & on some occasions the 7th wheel haha.

i am single. i need a single environment.... i think. plus i can walk to work, that adds like 2 hours to my day!! that i lose driving back an forth! awesome!! i have never lived uptown with everything it offers, fun, fast paced, more time for me to work, play, & live. I can see the Panthers stadium from where I am gonna be. Sunday will be funday like never before haha. i just think this is the right move a least for a year or so, be on my own, on the go, me in charge of me. excited. for once things are going they way i thought they were suppose to go. good job, i can wait a little for the money, & who knows about the girl, don't know if it will come but where i am at right now it can wait.
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Life is Good. [Jul. 13th, 2007|03:04 pm]
[Current Location |Work]
[mood |excitedexcited]

After unemployment of 4 months. I have a job w/ Ingersoll Rand. Hopefully getting a job offer early next week with LandDesign in my dream job. Excitement is everywhere. If I land this job I am plan on moving out of the house, getting my own place, starting my career.

A new job. A new home. Maybe a new pet in the future, I want a dog. I have been single for 7 months. It was hard for awhile after breaking up with Jen. I had a few hard months that I wanted her back. But I held back and feel great for it.

I am content single. Extremely content. I see all my friends in horrible relationships & I feel good for not settling. That aspect of my life will come when it comes.

I haven't felt this good/happy in my life in awhile I its been going strong for month now. I am full of hope, ambition, and excitement for things to come. It feels great.

A hour 15 mins till I am off work, then its off to the beach with my roomie Bert. Also get to see the parents. It will be another good weekend.

Until later......
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(no subject) [Jul. 24th, 2006|12:55 am]
[Current Location |in my room]
[mood |sleepysleepy]

its 1:00 am. I have my first day at my new job tomorrow gotta be there at 9:00 am.

i am guessing i should not have slept in today till 1:00 pm. that idea was not thought out the its full potential until after its execution. i am excited about tomorrow but i have two weeks of training. i hate training i just want to start the job. next week i will be in atlanta. the ATL. it should be a blast. nevermind that it will be a blast.

sleep please come.
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(no subject) [Jul. 23rd, 2006|04:49 pm]
[Current Location |my room]
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |Coheed & Cambria - Mother May I]

last week i did nothing. well i actually got kinda alot done. either way it was a good week. i had no work and i start the new job tomorrow. here goes a new chapter. and speaking of new chapters i think me and jenny are about a day away from being "on a break". which wil hurt but at the same time be good for me.

i am gonna start new. new girls to meet. new job i want to dive 110% into. and i am gonna fill up my off time with working out hardcore. my wrist is still in a funk from practically breaking it last soccer tourney, so i cant start lifting again. but i jumped rope for 30 mins today. and i am gonna go running again tomorrow after work. if i dont have a g/f i will have all the time in the world to work hard. then once the job starts going well look for my own place. after that i am gonna save up for a dog. but until then its gonna be work hard M-F and play hard S/S.

on another note monday we had a crew get wasted at MOJO bay the new restaurant Sean is managing at. after talking about rum for about a half an hour we got into the new POTC movie. but we went quickly onto real pirates and decided that we are going to throw a pirate party. can't get in without rum, outfit and flyer. and me and strickland are going to build a plank and boat in the backyard. its on! ARRRRGHHH!!!!
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Last day of work!!! [Jul. 12th, 2006|09:30 am]
[Current Location |office, for the last time!]
[mood |excitedexcited]

last day today. fuck yes. i found out the week after i start my new job we are going to atlanta for some training and fun all week. i like this new job already. the ole ATL, i am gonna ring up Luda and hit up the strip clubs. riiiiiiiiiiiight. i am such a mountebank of ATL culture. haha

other then that not much going on. i have the next week and a half off from work. i havent had a break this long since i graduated from college. i am planning lots of things to try and get done.

tomorrow i am spending the day with jenny, we will see how this goes, i think were on our wits end and this is our last go, any big fight or misunderstandment will prolly finish it off, but it might be the best for both of us, but who knows.

this weekend is my lil sisters birthday. she rented a 12 person pontoon boat on Lake Norman. so all her girls are coming down. jenny is working friday and saturday night so i get to attend. me and leebo are going to take his boat out saturday and meet them out on the lake, for beers, sun, and good times. i can't wait. i am usually a lake rat in the summer with lee. but this summer i just havent been able to get out there. Lake Norman is awesome the largest man made lake in the U.S. and its brilliant.

things i am planning on over my break:
- a goodwill trip and running low on t-shirts or at least ones that i want to wear. i will hit up a couple of my favs in one day and it will be all good.
- grocery store i havent been there in forever. i dont eat at fastfood joints, well not mcdonalds, wendys, chick-fila, etc. but i always do sub shops and healthy stuff like that. but i need to get some food at my house. so this will be fun.
- tomorrow i will be washing my car, and jen's. as well as wiping down all of the dash, and vaccumming on the inside. make them 12 types of bling.
- maybe try and fix my phone or look at some new ones, it will be pretty important to have a reliable phone at my new job.
- look at apts. i am thinking about getting my own place. having no roomies would be a very odd thing for me but i think it will be nice for once in my life to have everything the way i want it and no one can say otherwise. i also want a dog, my dog. not a stupid pee-ka-poo like me and jenny have. a real dog that i want.
- LJ, get some of my pics on here that i have taken from certain events.
- update my cd collection i have lost alot of cds so i will reburn them. gotta get my collection back to complete level. this will be important for the job cause i will be spending a good bit of time traveling.
- any other fun ideas are welcome, please give me some, i will have alot of time and i just spent alot of money the last two weekends so preferably, fun and thrifty. thanks!

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